Autel MaxiScan MS409 Update Fix

WARNING! This page is primarily for people who have had problems after updating the MaxiScan MS409 OBD2/EOBD scan tool with the faulty update that was listed on the old web site. Their site had been redesigned and the faulty update is no longer available. I cannot guaranty that the update available below will work with older hardware versions of the MS409 so if you are not having trouble with yours it is best that you do not update it. Current updates for Autel scanners can be obtained at the current web site. A direct link to the Updates/Downloads page is listed below.

Have you made the mistake of installing the software update Ver 1.13 from Autel's web site on a MaxiScan MS409 OBD2/EOBD scan tool and now have a corrupted display?

Step 1: Relax.

Step 2: Click this link to save the file to a temporary folder and extract the files.

Step 3: Install the MaxiLink 1.08 program and use it to install the MS409.dag file using Program update and the AT45DB161.AUT file using DTC update into your MaxiScan MS409.

Important: Use a computer that is protected against power failures when doing the Program Update. A notebook computer with a fully charged battery installed or a desktop protected by an Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) will suffice. If the update is interrupted in progress it can render the MS409 unrecoverable.

The problem was primarily display related so once you complete the above steps your display will be back to normal and your MS409 will be fully functional.

The above updates are the most current that are available from Autel. I've just installed Program Update Ver. 2.00 (MS409.dag) and DTC Update Ver. 2.60 (AT45DB161.AUT) on my MS409. The display is ok and the scanner is functioning normally so this is a good update. The above link points to a zip file containing these new updates and a copy of MaxiLink ver. 1.08, which I've used with WinXP and Win7 without problems. There was a bug in the older MaxiLink version supplied with the MS409 scanner that would cause garbled text on the display when used with Win7 to install the DTC update. Version 1.08 does not have this bug. You can download the Update Packages for other Autel models from

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Last updated on 2/24/2014